“Majestic Money is a perfect place to begin when you are ready to move ahead in your life. It is time to stop dreaming and let Adora Evans show you how to make your biggest dreams come true!” 
 ~ Don Green, CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation

“Majestic Money teaches you to transform unconscious manifestation into consciously actualizing your dreams into reality. I have used these techniques in my own life and career. Before selling my company, I was a struggling single mom. I became regarded as a leading mom expert, the founder of Hot Moms Club (now Moms.com). I’ve been on more than 100 television shows, written three books with HarperColins, worked with dozens of celebrities, and employed more than fourteen women, and my brand had a following of more than seven million.”

~Jessica Denay, author of Hot Moms Club and Hot Moms Community

"Adora Evans is a true servant leader, with both the passion and drive to connect us to our most
fulfilling dreams. She has been a friend and colleague for over 20 years and adds wealth and
health to all the lives she touches."

~Denis Waitley, author of Seeds of Greatness & The Psychology of Winning

"Just as Adora Evans lights up any room she enters, so she will also enlighten your feminine spirit as you read these pages! As you immerse yourself in these highly creative exercises and daily rituals, you will experience an intimate joy in the discovery of who and what you truly are ... Your Majesty, in glorious abundance." 

~Deborah Waitley, Ph.D. - President of Waitley Global, co-author of The Psychology of Winning for Women, transformational coach and trainer. 

“The moment I met Adora fifteen years ago, I sensed a glow around her and something so powerful and unique inside her. I’ve watched her create miracle after miracle in her life and in the lives of others, including mine. I was a bit hesitant to read Majestic Money since it’s geared toward women, but I was completely hooked from the beginning and gained so many insights into not only women but human nature in general. It’s captivating, insightful, and will give you a deep dive into opening up your inner power. This rare book truly has the power to start a movement.” 

~Matt Morris, entrepreneur, #1 bestselling author, international speaker, network marketing trainer

“Adora Evans speaks TRUTH and it’s LIFE, a breath of fresh air. ADORA, I ADORE you, I feel your energy! You have empowered me with your words! I have connected with you through DAY: 8 “ Shame vs Worthiness” - we can all relate ! Parts of your book will stick with me forever
This book needs to be read by every woman in the world, unlock secrets to a happy life. Adora gives day by day instructions with poise on how to free your spirit, live your best Life, and manifest your every desire! 
If you’re on a spiritual journey and want to reconnect with your inner goddess, THIS IS A MUST READ!” 

~Suha Ibrahim, Owner of Boss Beauty Makeup Academy, Sinners Tattoo Studio, Sinners Tattoo Expo

"Adora is the real deal when it comes to this sort of thing. 
We manifested our actual dream home... within our budget, solar panels, swimming pool, rain and bore water tanks, a horse paddock, a granny flat, 2 acres, in the country but only 10 minutes from town.You have nothing to lose and everything to gain girlfriend. Change the pattern of hesitation and distrust right now by just jumping in and giving it a go!”

~Courtney Vickery Owner of Soulfully Savvy Collaborations & proud mama of 5

 "If you truly want to make a big shift in your life then you have the right tool in your hands. Adora`s vast experience, authenticity and love has been poured into this amazing program making it a complete guide for wealth and prosperity! All you have to do is set a bit of time every day, connect and go through the exercises! Magic will start happening! P.S. Men should check this out as well."    

~Tiberius- Entrepreneur, Success Strategist, Owner @lawofattractionlive Instagram Community & Professional Human Being

“ I have known Adora for a few years .Spiritual principles are the foundation of Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and what my grandfather knew but, Adora taught me how to work with my feminine energy and power to attract from an aligned place. She has had a big impact in my life and the lives of women around me. With love and caring she is making the world a better place and helping us find the power within." 

~Lyra Gracie

“ My main concern was that I would get my hopes up in manifesting new and I was going to fail. 
I felt stuck manifesting, I knew I was a powerhouse in the past, but until doing this program I had slipped and no much was happening no matter what I tried.
I got results in every area of my life, finances, business, home, love life, including a renewed appreciation for single mamas, manifested my dream car and a list of other things.
Adora has such a depth of knowledge, you must experience being inside her vortex for yourself, you cannot begin to imagine it from the outside. You must commit to the program.”

~Hayley Henderson Intuitive Brand Consultant

"Before this program, I was holding onto a lot of self-criticism and self-doubt. 

I have manifested over $7,500 worth of gifts and cash over the course of just a couple months. I FINALLY decided to do what I have been dreaming of doing ever since I can remember which is travel, and soon will be taking my first trip out of the United States! I’ve gained clarity on myself and the direction I would like my life to move in. 

I have recommended this book and program to all my closest friends, and I don’t need to say much, they just recognize my light and want to know what it’s all about!”

~Hannah Cookley

"My favorite part was beginning with the weaving of the womb cross. I had something to hold on to immediately from this program, and it was such a powerful lesson and take-away. It was ancient knowledge mixed with Adora Crystal-style wisdom and fun. You must commit to the program so you can experience how incredible working with her is.  

If this looks like fun and it sounds like you would enjoy it, that’s a message that your heart is saying yes. You need to sign up, hit the enroll button or send Adora Crystal a message. Do whatever it takes to get in the door."

~Cookie Novo, Real Estate Agent, Dog Mom, Spiritual Seeker, Fashion Lover

"I am happier and able to respond to situations in more beneficial ways, rather than just reacting. This is something I have been working on for years, but I haven't come across anyone else who has presented in this way, where they are along with you for the ride. 
The way Adora works is unlike any other person I have known. With her connected and loving prayers I have had immediate responses, healings and releases. It is much deeper than any other money manifesting programs I have found so far.
Get the book, it is more than worth it!”"

~Amber Flavia, Energy Healer

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“Majestic Money is a perfect place to begin when you are ready to move ahead in your life. It is time to stop
 dreaming and let Adora Evans show you how to make your biggest dreams come true!”  

~ Don Green, CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation